Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bademiya: COLABA: Nothing Good But Food

A walking distance from Gateway of India, it is hyped or overrated place to have food. Quite happening place being near to the market. Food is good but on a hot noon, it was difficult to sit inside in lack of proper air circulation. Biryani is good and so are the tikkas. But comfort in seating, cooling etc. needs lot of improvement.

Hauz Khas Social: Quite Happening Place All The Time

Quite happening place all the time. During the daytime, probably you would  be able to listen to what other person is talking to you but during the evening time it is quite crowded and noisy. But still is liked by a lot. Food and drinks - both are fabulous and have a unique touch in food and cocktails.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Cafe Coffee Day Lounge: Pacific Mall: Fine Location To Sit, Relax, Sip Your Coffee With Some Light Snacks

n my multiple visits here, I have found it an okay place to relax and sip your coffee along with some light snacks. Being an open lounge, you have to bear with few flies here and there, around! Staff is friendly and customer focused. There is only one big fan in the right extreme end (near the counter) that suffices the purpose of 1 table completely and other 1 half. That's it. Rest tables cooling, depends on the weather. 

Neatly managed outlet.  Overall Fine Location To Sit, Relax, Sip Your Coffee With Some Light Snacks...

Yo China: Iska Chinese Manga Dala To Jhinga La La

I am not too big fan of Chinese food but there are certain Chinese restaurants where the stuff is really awesome. Yo! China is one of those places. This was a home delivery order. Packing was so good for all 4 items ordered. The packaging is good, and so is the cleanliness. Food was delivered well within stipulated time and in good condition. We enjoyed it.