Monday, July 7, 2014

Poetry: God has Made You as My Beautiful Food For Life

Your eyes as Akhand Diyas
Your ears as Carafe
Your nose as an Everest Glass large
Your lips as the top of an Endessa
Your neck as a Vision Jug

God has made you in leisure
You are my Beautiful Food for Life!

Short Story: Conspiracy by Duryodhana to Kill Bheema Quashed by Krishna

Everyone knew about Bheema's love and passion for food with no boundaries around. Duryodhana decided to take advantage of this and planned to kill Bheema by adding poison in his food. Duryodhana knew that Bheema loves Laddoos a lot and that is why he added a good amount of poison in the laddoos made specially for Bheema by him. He called Bheema and offered him those poisoned laddoos placed in a strong and beautiful bowl. Though Bheema was going for swimming in the river, but after getting attracted to that beautiful large serving bowl that made those laddoos the most beautiful food.

Bheema in an uncontrolled mode, ate all the laddoos and then dived into the river nearby for swimming. Duryodhana felt very happy that now with the effect of strong poison mixed in those laddoos, Bheema will definitely get drowned in the river. But Duryodhana never knew that though he had chosen the most reliable and strong bowl which definitely was indestructible by normal human beings but would not stand against Lord Krishna.

Krishna came to know the conspiracy that was being played by Duryodhana, well in advance. And while Duryodhana was mixing poison in laddoos and keeping them in bowl, poison was being leaked completely through an invisible crack done by Krishna at the bottom of the bowl. And when all the poison was flown out of laddoos, the crack was filled by Krishna and the bowl became same as original.

That is how Bheema was saved.

Poetry: Beautiful Evening Beautiful Night Beautiful Prayer Beautiful Food

Lovely evening with you,
becomes more beautiful
with Golden Lotus Tea Light
and Piccoletta tea set
and Leaf Tea Light
Piccoletta cup & saucer set
and Silver Sparkle Tea light
Milk pot & sugar pot
and Froggy tea light
some cookies in large glass katories
and just
you & me.

Before dinner it is
Prayer time
with Brass Puja Thali
God, you & me
and Akhand Brass Diya in our temple.

Lovely night with you,
becomes more beautiful
with decorative diya lights on one side
antique diya lights on the other
and hanging diya lights in the middle
and me waiting for
beautiful food in the dinner
cooked by you
just for you & me.

Beautiful food at dinner
becomes more beautiful
with Melamine dinnerware
Trendy servingware
Anything cooked by you
and served in bowls, plates
and smart-lid dishes
makes it a sumptuous and timeless food
and more beautiful you...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When Shabri Presented Berries to Rama and Lakshamana in a Borosil Designer Bowl Set

After Sita had been kidnapped by Ravana, it was quite painful for Rama and Lakshamana to get her whereabouts. While Rama was cursing himself for leaving Sita for her persistence of getting the golden buck who was Marich in disguise for this purpose only; Lakshamana was no less than in shock for losing his mother like sister-in-law. For this both had not been able to have proper food for all these days during their search for Sita.

Shabri was grown quite old while waiting for Rama to visit her hut. She, being a high devotee and worshiper of Lord Rama, had been blessed by sage Matang that some day Rama would definitely visit her. She kept her wish alive with an urge to meet Rama some day.

One day, while searching for Sita, both the brothers reached Shabri's hut. Rama felt thirsty and hungry, and thus requested Lakshamana to knock the door of that lonely hut around. Shabri got overwhelmed to find her god in front of her. She washed Rama's feet and welcomed her inside her small hut. Rama asked her if she had something to offer, as they were hungry.

Shabri brought fresh berries and a Borosil Designer Bowl set. While she placed fresh berries in one of the bowl and offered them to Lakshamana, another bowl was kept empty in front of Rama. She picked one berries one by one, tasted them, and kept the sweeter ones in the bowl kept in front of Rama. Rama smilingly and heartily picked the partially eaten berries and ate them. Lakshamana got angry to see Rama eating berries tasted by Shabri and asked reason from Rama.

Rama told Lakshamana that it was Shabri's devotion that kept the purity of berries intact and Borosil made it Beautiful Food. (#BeautifulFood).