Monday, July 7, 2014

Poetry: Beautiful Evening Beautiful Night Beautiful Prayer Beautiful Food

Lovely evening with you,
becomes more beautiful
with Golden Lotus Tea Light
and Piccoletta tea set
and Leaf Tea Light
Piccoletta cup & saucer set
and Silver Sparkle Tea light
Milk pot & sugar pot
and Froggy tea light
some cookies in large glass katories
and just
you & me.

Before dinner it is
Prayer time
with Brass Puja Thali
God, you & me
and Akhand Brass Diya in our temple.

Lovely night with you,
becomes more beautiful
with decorative diya lights on one side
antique diya lights on the other
and hanging diya lights in the middle
and me waiting for
beautiful food in the dinner
cooked by you
just for you & me.

Beautiful food at dinner
becomes more beautiful
with Melamine dinnerware
Trendy servingware
Anything cooked by you
and served in bowls, plates
and smart-lid dishes
makes it a sumptuous and timeless food
and more beautiful you...

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