Monday, July 7, 2014

Short Story: Conspiracy by Duryodhana to Kill Bheema Quashed by Krishna

Everyone knew about Bheema's love and passion for food with no boundaries around. Duryodhana decided to take advantage of this and planned to kill Bheema by adding poison in his food. Duryodhana knew that Bheema loves Laddoos a lot and that is why he added a good amount of poison in the laddoos made specially for Bheema by him. He called Bheema and offered him those poisoned laddoos placed in a strong and beautiful bowl. Though Bheema was going for swimming in the river, but after getting attracted to that beautiful large serving bowl that made those laddoos the most beautiful food.

Bheema in an uncontrolled mode, ate all the laddoos and then dived into the river nearby for swimming. Duryodhana felt very happy that now with the effect of strong poison mixed in those laddoos, Bheema will definitely get drowned in the river. But Duryodhana never knew that though he had chosen the most reliable and strong bowl which definitely was indestructible by normal human beings but would not stand against Lord Krishna.

Krishna came to know the conspiracy that was being played by Duryodhana, well in advance. And while Duryodhana was mixing poison in laddoos and keeping them in bowl, poison was being leaked completely through an invisible crack done by Krishna at the bottom of the bowl. And when all the poison was flown out of laddoos, the crack was filled by Krishna and the bowl became same as original.

That is how Bheema was saved.

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