Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Food Review: Pirates Of The Grill: Relaxed Atmosphere Sumptuous Food

The atmosphere is excellent. There is no hurry from staff side and you are free to sit as long as you want. So Buffet here does not mean that you quickly grab a table, fill your plates, finish food and leave the restaurant. Nobody seems to be in a hurry. Ambiance is good. You won't find poaching eyes of staff here that disturbs you when you are there with your family having female members.

Starters are fantastic and you have a good amount of variety. You get starters on your table itself. You don't need to wait or call someone to get the next round, or to start. One or the other serving guys will keep coming with different starters. If you liked a particular starter and by chance you don't find it with any of the guys around, just tell one of them and it will be on your table within seconds. The stuff is hot and sumptuous. We had good number of rounds of veg/ non veg tikkas and kababs to start with. 

For main course you have to go to the opposite side of entrance where though items in veg and non veg would not be in plenty but you won't find it short too, by any means. Again the stuff is of great taste. Just keep in mind that for the dessert round you need to keep some space in your tummy. There is no rush! Take your own time, enjoy your main course and then go for a good range of cakes, ice creams and other varieties. The menu changes everyday, on Tuesday and Thursday you have some discounts. For dining out with family in a good atmosphere and sumptuous food, this is one of my favorite spot.

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