Saturday, June 7, 2014

PHD Outlet Review: Poor Service Over-The-Counter: ACs Ineffective

Visit date: 7th June, time spent over an hour or so. Number of air conditioners in that small outlet was 3  and all working as per staff but temperature was too high, every customer sitting there was sweating and everyone had the same opinion - ACs are not working.

One group of 7-8 youngsters who had come couldn't stay for long and went without placing an order due to very high temperature inside - at the seating area.

Most of the time nobody from PHD staff was present at the counter - reason I can see is that the A/Cs inside kitchen would have been working perfectly.

Bill for cold drink taken in the second round was not given by the PHD guy called from inside at the counter to do the needful.

Overall - poor state of the outlet. I would rate 1/5 for this visit.

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