Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CollegeDunia To Reach 1 Million Visitors Per Month In 6 Months From Current 1 Lakh

A whooping amount of over $160,000 (i.e. Rs 1 crore) has been pumped into CollegeDunia education portal by CEO Umang Kumar and certain other investors. The purpose of clear, tremendous faith in the way portal is working and serving to education enthusiasts and the projected plans of growth. Reportedly Sahil Chalana, the founder of CollegeDunia is quite happy with the proceedings of funding that has come to his way so as to give optimum shape to the portal in a big way, as per his dream.

Currently Collegedunia portal lists over 800 colleges with count increasing everyday aiming to reach to 8,000 colleges, polytechnic institutes and coaching institutes in next 6 months. The fund amount is planned to be invested in techonlogy advancements along with boosting marketing and operations so as to complete their stipulated targets of growth. The portal lists colleges based on the courses offered by them and also the course wise listing of colleges offering those courses.

The comprehensive listing not ony includes courses a college offers but also provides information about fee of each course, duration, admission criteria and so on.

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